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Canadian Goose

Branta canadensis


C.I. intermedia




Sturnus vulgaris

Problems with Birds


Birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows carry bugs and deadly diseases such as bird mites, blastoplasmosis and histoplasmosis. Bird droppings have a high content of nitrogen which is highly corrosive and creates stains on walls and floors that are very costly to remove. Humans can contract respiratory problems from breathing infectious dust transmitted through ventilation systems, such as air conditioners, created from birds.


Birds produce millions of dollar in crop and property damage each year. When birds get into grain bins, warehouses and grocery stores the can contaminate food and cause an unsightly mess from nesting material and bird waste left behind. Birds do not make holes in buildings, but they will enter a structure if they can find a hole. Once in they can build large nest that over time can collect moisture that will lead to wood rot and structural failure or even cause a fire.

About Birds


Pigeons are often refered to as “Doves”.
There are 289 species of pigeons in the world, but only four species in North America. The most commmon type of pigeon in North America is the Rock Pigeon. The Rock Pigeon is responsible for millions of dollars in damage to crops, buildings, food and equipment each year. They have learned to live and thrive around metropolitan areas thus causing bird and humane conflifts to soar. Controling pigeons has become a major problem due to their size, habits and their ability to fly. The birds charateristics has made them hard to manage with normal removal practices.


Starlings are known to travel in large flocks. Thus causing a problem due to the amount of noise and feces they leave around there roost.


Sparrows usually inhabit warehouses and buildings trying to find suitable places to build nest. They usually will find holes and crevasses and areas that will provide shelter and they are capable of having several young each year.

Canadian Goose

The Canada Goose becomes a problem when they start feeding on ornamental grasses around golf courses, office complexes and residential neighborhoods. They also leave large amounts of droppings.

A-1 Wildlife Service offers several different options to control these pests, each different according to the situation.

How to get rid of Birds

We are one of the few companies that are certified in bird removal. There are many different tools and materials used to eliminate problem birds, but knowing when and how to use them is the key.
Different species of birds require different removal techniques and some birds will require a multi-facet approach to achieve the desired result.
Nesting birds are the hardest to remove, no exceptions! Whereas birds coming only to feed are easier to move and may require a different approach.
Therefore it is imperative you find someone that has the wildlife knowledge as well as a construction background to get the job done.

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