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Didelphis virginiana

Problems with Opossums

The main complaints we get are:
Opossum is invading the bird feeders
Opossum is walking around in the attic
Opossum is getting into the garbage

About Opossums

Opossums are a marsupial, nocturnal animal. Opossums eat mostly meats, but will eat plants, fruits, garbage, bird seed, eggs, moles and pet food. Opossums are solitary animals and will spend many days in a den during cold spells. Opossums have a home range of 10-50 acres and are found in many attics, garages and barns. Opossums breed in February – June with and average littler size of 6-16.

How to get rid of Opossums

A-1 Wildlife Service can offer you a trapping solution to your opossum problem.

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