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Problems with Raccoons

The main complaints we get are:
Raccoon sounds like a person walking around in the attic
Raccoon is making noise about 10-12 pm and about 5-6 am in the attic
Baby raccoons are chattering and scratching in the walls and ceiling
Raccoon is in my chimney

About Racoons

Raccoons are mostly nocturnal.
Adult raccoons weigh between 6-25 lbs. Raccoons are opportunistic feeders and will eat just about anything from garbage, fish, fruits, pet food to baby birds and frog legs.
Raccoons are good climbers and can access just about any roof or attic.
Raccoons do not hibernate, but can spend extended periods of time in their den during cold spells. Raccoons are usually solitary except for females with their young.
Raccoons breed in January to February and have an average litter size of 3-5.
Raccoons can carry rabies and distemper and can become aggressive when approached.

How to get rid of Racoons

A-1 Memphis based A-1 Wildlife Service can put together a trapping or reduction program to help you with all your raccoon removal needs.

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