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Mephitis mephitis

Problems wih Skunks

The main complaints we get are:
Skunks are living under the house
Skunks STINK!

About Skunks

Skunks use a highly odoriferous secretion to deter predators.
A skunks secretion is stored in two walnut sized glands with openings in the anus. When the skunk is alarmed or attacked, it can direct this spray several feet. At high concentrations the secretion causes nausea and retching and will act like tear gas if the liquid gets in the eyes.

How to get rid of Skunks

A-1 Wildlife Service will give you a price on excluding the animals from your home for good. We will seal up any opening around the outside perimeter of your home. We offer a 1 year guarantee with this service.

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