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Dear Lorrie

Thanks so much for giving the program at our LeBonheur Garden Club meeting in January. Between your talk and the book of pictures we all should realize how quickly we should get help if we suspect a critter in our home. Thanks for sharing your knowdledge of indoor and outdoor critters. You were so informative. We really appreciate your giving of your time to educate us on critters and their destructive ways.

Sincerely, Clara Dean Hope

Dear Lorrie

Thank you so very much for taking the time to speak with our garden club. You did a wonderful job and your wit and knowledge certainly won the room over. I do feel like you will have quite a few calls from our club.
Again, many thanks to you and Cole both!

Patti Collau, President.

Dear Cole and Lorrie

Thank you for the beautiful job you did in my yard. I feel so good just sitting on my deck now. My garden is thriving and life is good!

Thanks again, Martha

Thanks Cole,

Sleepin’ much better!

Rick & Mayon & Luke.

Dear Lorrie,

Thank you so much for your efforts to get rid of the moles in our yard. My sons and I appreciate your efforts to restore our lawn to us and will be glad to recommend you to others who need your services.

Please accept the enclosed check for your hard work (and hopefully cover some of the gas used to come) and our THANK YOU for your efforts to catch the moles. If we need help in the future, you will be the one we call.

Thanks again for trying.

Sincerely, Ruby, Mike and Ken – the Mears Family.

Dear Lorrie,

On behalf of the Le Bonheur Garden Club, thank you very much for your informative presentation at our January meeting. I think we all found your tips very helpful. We wish you all the best during the upcoming year. When I think of critter control, I will always think of you now!